Tanz Boa

Berichte vom Erstbetreten der virtuellen Welt

Tanz Boa, der Pionier in der virtuellen Welt,
ist in Namen und Gestalt die Erfindung von

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Tanz Boa is a particle in the digital explosion.

He got his pseudonym by a log-in procedure in Second Life on March 11, 2007. His first name he used already as "DJ Tanz" since 1999 in a music video competition called "Crazy Combos". The last name was part of a list oft names offered by the Second Life software at this time.

Tanz Boa left Second Life at the end of 2010. The Second Life software had tried to kill him because of a payment error, and his German mother language was fading in communication.

Tanz Boa took place in Twitter on July 12, 2010, and in Facebook on October 5, 2010. But he just stays watching the action there since years. These commercial organisations of community seem colorless to him in comparison to the possibilities of Second Life, especially in its low controlled pioneer phase 2007-2009.

Tanz Boa speaks German in this blog. Just this preamble is in English. He changed his hairstyle one time, from the "foxy hair" that is present here, to a Mohawk. The Mohawk´s stories are another chapter.They are close conneceted to music. They will illustrate songs.